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Fooly Cooly

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Fooly Cooly is a six episode long series about a boy who is in grade school and his adventures and meetings with an "evil alien" named hara hara haruko, who his family hires to be a house keeper........this one gets a little crazy.              5 out of 5 stars

this is a picture of hara hara haruko, from the first episode.

haruko, comic version

yeah, insane definately fits her in this one.


this is right before he gets ran over in the first episode, he should'nt of looked.

dont look

this is from the sixth and finale episode.


this a picture of her from episode 3, thats the guitar she hits people with, hey, i told you it got crazy, insane is more like it.

base ball

this is nauta, the grade school kid, also the main character. this picture is from the first episode when he gets ran over by a moped driven by guess who, haruko. this happens a few more times in the series. 


can't remember what episode this is from. weird hat though.

weird hat

as of right now thats all i got on this show. check it out for yourself on adult swim. look on for more.

anime man