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inuyasha is one of the few long anime series, its also a personal favorite. i've see somewhere between 125 and 150 episodes. a fifteen year old girl whos' family lives at and runs an old shrine in tokyo. one day she falls down an old boarded up well and is transported to fuedal japan. there she meets inuyasha, a half dog half human demon who is after the sacred jewel shards. she decides to help him look for them, and later is joined by miroku, a monk, songo, a demon slayer, and shippo, a small fox demon child. it gets a lot deeper than that, but i dont feel like typing that much, you'll have to watch it for yourselves. 11:30 mon.- wed and new episodes at 11:00 sat. on [adult swim] on cartoon network.                                                   4 3/4 stars out of 5 stars

this is a nice picture of inuyasha standing in front of the series villains.

inuyasha pic 1

miroku, a womanizing munk with a "cursed" hole in his hand that sucks up everything in its path, it threatens to one day suck the munk himself into its abyss.

holy munk, literally.

songo, a demon slayer whos' family was killed by her little brother while he was under narakus' ( ape skin in picture at top ) control. she travels with a demon cat named kirara as well as inuyasha and the others. not a very clear picture. 

nice hat.

this is kagome, look to the left for info.


something has apperantly pissed him off in this picture. in the show they call it his "true demon self."

he's pissed.

someone got hurt, judging from those claws. ouch.

thats not chocolate syrup on his hands

one of the few normal pics on this site.


shippo, a small fox demon child whos' father was killed by the thunder brothers, who were later killed by inuyasha in revenge. he isn't exactlly a fighter, good for diversions though.


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