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samurai champloo

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samurai champloo is a long series about two samurai, jin, and mugen, and a girl named fuu. during a fight between mugen and jin, fuu saves them, and , in debt to her, mugen and jin are forced to help her find a samurai who "smells like sunflowers."                          4 1/2 stars out of 5

jin is the cool headed one, calm, cool, and collective.


this is mugen...... not much more i can say about this picture, it's cool though.


this is from one of the first few episodes. good shot.


this is a fuu shot from the opening credits of champloo, took me a while to find this one.

fuu again

jins' past is fuzzy, from what the series has said so far, he apparently killed his sensai.

jin slash

mugen is not the think then act kind of person. notice that he has no distinct fighting style, his attacks are just random.

no distinct fighting style

this is a good shot from the opening credits, called blade forest. the mugen picture at the top is just a zoomed version of this.

blade forest

a good group shot of all three jin, mugen, and fuu.


fuu is looking for her father, who abondoned her and her mother when she was a child.

fuu number 3

more jin......did they have that good of glasses back then?


this is a good face shot. i havent seen but twenty episodes so far but i still highly recommend watching this.

whats he looking at

this part of the site is finished for now, it will be updated later when i see more of the series. go to for more show info.

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