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cool music

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this page is about music, the bands i like and such. if you see a band or somthing you like, contact me with some pictures you'd like me to post.

the pillows are a japanese band. they do the sound track for Fooly Cooly, pretty awsome band.

click to download the pillows " shooting star " theme of FLCL.

the pillows ( Fooly Cooly )

system of a down group shot. they're a finlandish band, i think, know what, don't quote me on that.

group shot

this is a good shot, too bad it's not very clear either, sorry about that.

incubas pic

this is another shot of beck, this ones a little better. by the way the music your listening to on this page and the same song on many other pages is beck, the song loser.

click to download becks' " loser " ( the song playing right now. )

black and white beck

system of a down
system of a down is one of the more heavy things i listen to. their newest album just came out reacently, its called mezmerize. they're actually starting to become a mainstream band. a good song of theirs is cigaro. (not for faint of heart.)

s.o.a.d. album cover.

incubus is an awsome band, some songs are better than others but all are pretty awsome. this is a group shot of the band. not a clear picture.

incubas group

this is beck, he's a folk singer, i like most of his songs.

beck in a suit

other bands

  • mc chris : ( for aqua teen veiwers mc pee pants) he does a song called fette's vette that is very funny, especially for star wars fans.
  • gorillaz : i've been listening to them for a while. my favorite song of theirs is clint eastwood. their song feel good inc. has been on mtv and vh1 alot recently, checkout the rock countdown.
  • velvet revolver : old skool tunes with a new skool band, and plus, SLASH!!
  • white stripes : the white orchid song is awsome, i think i have it playing on my site somewhere.
  • sublime : good music to just relax and chill out to.
  • weird al yachovik : not sure how to spell his last name, alot of his spoofs are funny as hell though.
  • puddle of mudd : awsome band to rock out too.
  • linkin park : a good band to chill to, a little heavier than some like sublime though.
  • black eyed peas : "lets get retarded in here...." awsome song. elephunk is an awsome cd. you think i use the word awsome to much?
  • kid rock : finally! a mix between my redneck blood and my rocker blood other than lynard skynard! ( free bird rocks! )
  • green day : another cd to chill out to.
  • bowling for soup :  the songs 1985 and almost are good songs to chill to. they're alot of other cool songs on their cd. ( track 43. )
  • smash mouth : more "chilling out to" songs.
  • hawthorne heights : check out their song "ohio is for lovers" on the picture gallerys.
  • nirvana : good music to listen too. it grunge music from early 90s. there is a movie coming out about kurt cobain. 
  • good charlete : eh? better than nothing. 

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