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welcome to anime man!!!!

about me

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i relize you did'nt come to this site to find out stuff about me but it seems to be on every site

NAME: J.J. Johnson
BIRTHDAY: 4/19/1989
AGE: old enough. ( plus you got my birthday right up top.)
HOBBIES: here we go, i like anime ( obviosly ), skateboarding, listening to my blaring headphones, and just plain relaxing.
LIVING AREA:  mississippi ( thats all you get )
OCCUPATION: right now im trying to make it as a writer, but i cant find any legit publishers where i live. ( curse of the south. )
   and thats it, at least for now, i may add things gradually.

rock! for any of you that do not know, thats the
sign i'm holding up.

i'm drinking McDonalds, i dont know whos, i just
picked it up.

peace to all....
peace to all really.

anime man