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s-cry-ed is a series i just started watching a few weeks ago. so far its been pretty good. somthing happened to a small island near japan 22 years ago and it changed some of the people, they are now called alter users because of their strange powers, most are rather young ( 15 - 18 ) and yet are still good fighters.

this is kasume, the series main character. he is a mercenary outside the city, ( the only city on the island, the rest is a sort of wasteland. ) and he doesnt exactly make the best of money doing this. he has a bit of an over active temper. 


ryuhou is a leading member of holy, he is also an alter user. he ends up fighting kasume in the first few episodes and immediantly become rivals, harsh rivals. his alter is very strong.


kimishima is one of kasumas' freinds, he finds jobs for kasuma, none very high paying. he always seems to be obsessing over a new vehicle, mainle new because kasuma always ends up " accidently " destroying the old ones. he is not an alter user. 


this is kanami, she lives with kasume. the series does not say that she's his sister or anything but considering shes not but 11 or 12, she can't be much else. she has dreams about kasume, and the fights and ordeals he gets into, she just does'nt know they are actually about him. despite her young age, she works on a farm like place and earns most of the supportive income of her and kasume. ( women can be quite powerful, be afraid, be very afraid. :)   )


memori met ryuhou when both of them were small, she is not an alter user. after the two of them became freinds, she ended up moving to the japan mainland. later, when she is older, ( 20, i think. ) she goes back to the island as a holy observer. ( holy the orginization from before, don't get confused. )


ayase is and inner alter user ( what ever her hair touches turns to water, weird power. ) who helps kasuma on his jobs. she eventually gets captured by holy.


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