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welcome to anime man!!!!

cool anime

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this is a list of anime that i think is cool, some include show times. If you do not like this anime, then dont look at it.

this is a pic of one of my favorite animes, flcl.
haruko picture
it only has six episodes but is still pretty awsome.

cowboy bebop, also a very good anime.
faye and spike.
it has about 36 episodes, i think.

  • dragon ball z : 9:30 pm mon.- thur. on cartoon network
  • inuyasha : 11:30 pm mon.- wen. and 11:00 pm sat. on cartoon network
  • south park (not an anime but still.) : 8:30-9:30 pm on wensday on comedy central
  • samurai champloo : sat. at 10:30 pm on cartoon network repeated on thur.
  • full metal alchamist : 12:00 midnight mon.-wen. on [adult swim] ( cartoon network )
  • cowboy bebop : 12:30 am mon.-wen. on [adult swim]  
  • Fooly Cooly ( FLCL ) : 12:30 am sat. on [adult swim] ( next few weeks only )
  • dirty pair : it does'nt come on any television stations right now, but im sure it will come back sometime. 

this site is still under construction so just give me a while and i'll add some more.

anime man