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[adult swim]

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adult swim has much good anime, it also has good comedy shows like family guy, futurama, and aqua teen hunger force ( a personal favorite ). so here is some info on their site and a link to it, check it out if you want. 

[adult swim]

aqua teen hunger force

 [adult swim] shows ( comedy )

  • futurama : a man gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the future with a cyclops and insane robot as freinds.
  • family guy : created by seth mcfarlene, kinda hard to explain, you'll have to watch it for yourself.
  • aqua teen hunger force : a milkshake, box of fries, and wad of meat go on go on strange adventures with their neghibor (who hates them ) and usually get somebodys head blown off, usually the neighbors. favorite quote, " finally, my ass has decided to eat my hand!!"
  • robot chicken : created by seth green, action figures and other dolls act out comedy skits and movie and tv spoofs. very funny.
  • tom goes to the mayor : not a favorite but still pretty funny. a citizen goes to the crazy ass mayor of his town for help and advice. some episodes are better than others.
  • venture brothers : one of the few 30 minute shows [adult swim] has. two brothers ( neither very smart ) try to figure out mysteries with their "genious" dad and his huge swedish body gaurd.
  • space ghost coast to coast : space ghost, zorak, and moltar try to have a talk show with todays celebraties. i dont really like it but maybe you will.
  • mission hill : a seventeen year old is sent to the city to live in his older brothers apartment with his crazy roommates, all while trying to get out of high school and into yale. not currently on tv.
  • oblongs : down in a toxic valley, a family lives trying to make ends meet. the mom, a chronic smoker and drinker, the dad, who has no limbs, the twins, conjoined of course, the daughter whith a growth on her head, and the younger brother who, well, lets just say he has problems. ( on tbs currently and occasionally on adult swim. )

their are other shows, as well as some new ones coming soon. if i catch them, i'll try to add them to the list. 

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