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anime pictures (1)

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this page has different pictures i've found in various places. enjoy.

this is a picture of vash, the one in the red, and wolfwood, who is actually a preist. huh.


fooly cooly ( FLCL )
this show is a personal favorite, its a short six episode series, the girl in the picture is  hara hara haruko, she hits people in the head with a base guitar, this is a truly strange but great series.


trigun ( again )
another trigun picture, vash in the background, meril with the blue hair and milly with the brown.


inuyasha (2)
more inuyasha, guess who this is.


teacher anagi
a pic of teacher anagi from please teacher, i've actually never seen this series.


no clue.
thats not a show, i just dont know what show this came from, please e-mail me and tell me if you know. 


ok, so its not anime, aqua teen hunger force is still an awsome show, i had to include this in the gallery.


this is without a doubt one of my favorite animes, this picture has inuyasha, in the red, kohaku, the little kid, and naraku, in the ape skin, inuyasha, good, naraku, bad, kohaku, little bit of both.


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