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ghost in shell
this is the main girl in the series ghost in shell, i cant remember her name, its been a while since i've seen the series.


samurai champloo
this show is awsome. one of the best, i highly highly recommend it.


this is mugen, a could-care-less bad ass. jin, is intelligent and calm all the time, and fuu is clummsy as hell. they're looking for a samurai who "smells like sunflowers" , all the time, jin and mugen trying to kill each other, literally. awsome show, sat. 10:30 on cartoon network, [adult swim].


cowboy bebop
this is a series that is about 36 episodes long, its about a couple of bounty hunters who keep getting in trouble, the movies pretty awsome too. this picture is of faye and spike, both are short tempered, ignorant, stuborn, and would much rather shoot first and talk later. 


this guy is jin from samurai champloo, you'll see mugen in a second. the girl in the picture before this is fuu.


i've seen armitage II but i have not yet had the pleasure of seeing III


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